In the post war 1970’s AK-47 made its debut onto the cannabis landscape. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that this strong sativa received acceptance on the worldwide stage. AK-47 boasts a strong background comprised of 4 potent cannabis varieties.

The 4 strains used to create AK-47 are Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani. The variety boasts 75% sativa features and is nicely balanced with the 25% indica and THC percentage sits around 20% while CBD sits on the lower side of 2%.

The AK-47 variety is not a heavy trichome producer, but the plant is lovely, just the same.  It has a blend of vivid lime green colour which is paired well with red-orange pistils that curl and twist in between the sugar leaves. The crystal trichomes shine through the buds, and the plant holds a magnificent height with large calyxes when grown in ideal conditions.


The variety is mostly known as an enticing and aromatic smoke that hints at its dank potency and effects in just a single whiff so, the effects are immediate. Mirroring its lineage and parental genetics, it exhibits a blend of fragrance that builds up an intensive yet pleasant scent.

The most overpowering aroma is that of the earth. Pinewood, sandalwood, and floral fragrances that are overtly present and show themselves at the earliest. If you dig deeper, there is a subtle citrus aroma, just enough to dazzle your senses and splash a sensation of freshness into your soul.

The taste stands true to the aromatic feel of the strain, though you can taste the floral scents much more evidently. It borderlines on spicy and sweet, with the sweetness having an upper-hand on the entire flavour. It is quite appealing to the tongue palate and does not exhibit any extreme sourness or spiciness – perfect for the newbies.

When it comes to Medical Benefits, the AK47 Strains proves to be extremely helpful and effective to fight psychological issues as well as the physical ones. On the psychology part, it proves very beneficial for people suffering from mood disorders, anxiety, insomnia, stress, and depression. It provides therapeutic benefits; however, an overdose could lead to an increased feeling of paranoia and mood swings. It is recommended to keep the dose limits to a minimum and gradually bring it up if needed.

As AK-47 marijuana seeds tend to be sensitive to common molds and rot, this strain is better left to gardeners with at least an intermediate skill level when it comes to growing weed. Careful attention must be paid to ventilation and humidity levels. AK-47 cannabis plants tend to be on the aromatic side, and gardeners will need to invest in a high-quality exhaust system if cultivating indoors or be considerate of neighbors with sensitivities if planting in the yard. AK-47 needs roughly 7-9 weeks of flowering to produce a moderate amount of harvestable bud.,

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