Colombian Gold

Colombian Gold

The oldest, original varieties of cannabis varieties are known as landraces. 

These landraces have grown in their natural environments, untouched by human intervention and have naturally evolved over thousands of years. Consider landraces the great, great, great grandparents of the genetics found today in dispensaries world-wide.

When anyone thinks of a landrace variety, the first one that comes to mind is the infamous Colombian Gold.

Colombian Gold hails from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a large mountain range that runs right through Colombia. The soil there is fertile, and the variety has been grown for generations by the farmers there, creating one of the most well-known sativa genetics known to man. 

The Colombian Gold variety first entered the US and Europe in the 60’s and early 70’s with THC content being reported from 15-20% which would make it a mid-to-high level of potency for consumers and testers reported a clean and focused high.

The undesirable traits of anxiety and paranoia were found to NOT be associated with this variety and it gained in popularity among the masses. Users found Colombian Gold to have a high that was long-lasting with an energetic buzz which was perfect for daytime use among recreational and medical users alike.

Colombian Gold has a taste that is fruity with a hint of a lemon back note peppered with a light taste of pine.

Like most sativas, Colombian Gold produces a large and robust plant. Plants most likely will need to be supported and growers should be aware of the potent smell which she will emit in flower.

Colombian Gold will flourish outside in temperatures about 70 F with as much sun as she can get. She is a bit slow to flower taking her time and outdoor harvests can be expected in mid-late October. 

The leaves are lime green and the buds are peppered with very large, bright crystals and thick orange hairs. The plant grows tall and branches wide, harvesting in 70 to 90 days. Colombian Gold has an average level of resilience to threats like pests and mold, and its yield is on the lesser side of medium. 


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