Panama Red

Panama Red

No trip down memory lane is complete without mentioning the infamous ‘Panama Red’ There have been songs written and many stories told over generations about this Panamanian superstar.

The Panama Red strain is a landrace variety whose claim to fame is its euphoric and psychedelic like high coupled with a THC level that is higher than what was considered average for its time.  

Panama Red got its name from the beautiful country where it originates. However, over the years, this cannabis variant has faded from popularity and only recently, has this valued variety found a new resurgence of popularity. 

The lovers of Panama Red can spot it a mile away and pictures don’t do this plant justice at all.

The buds are a stunning shade of a deep forest green with shocking red pistils and the colas resemble Christmas trees in stature. This sativa variant reaches heights of 6-7 feet and it is a treasure to grow. 

Patience is needed as well as a bit of diligence to get this variety to finish before a 11-12 week flowering time. 

The strain is versatile enough to be cultivated indoors or outdoors, although it can be quite challenging to cultivate successfully, and growing inside allows you complete control over environmental factors. The variety takes well to training of all kinds. 

The smell and smoke of Panama Red is where this beauty truly shines. One can detect citrus and grapefruit in both the smell and flavor of the Panama Red strain. 

The most intense aromas are grapefruit and citrus, but there are notes of earthiness and subtle sweetness too. 

When you light up the Panama Red, the flavors are slightly more layered

At first, citrus and grapefruit with spicy undertones are most dominant. However, the flavors blend differently on the exhale, and the taste is more sugary and tropical, with hints of woody herbs. 

There’s a sweet, earthy aftertaste that lingers on your tongue after each inhale making Panama Red a perfect addition to anyone’s collection.

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