Manmosa (Feminized)

Manmosa (Feminized)

(2 customer reviews)
  • 5-Pack Feminized Seeds
  • Mimosa x Skunk #1 Genetics
  • 8-9 Weeks Indoor Flower
  • 75-85 Days Outdoor Flower

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2 reviews for Manmosa (Feminized)

  1. Steve S.

    Tall strong sativa plants I’m loving these ladies

  2. Samuel Squantch (verified owner)

    I’ve been watching my two Manmosa girls grow all summer and they have been so much fun to tend to. I went with a topping method on them early so they became rather bushy, vs getting too tall(got to about 6ft T x 3ft W in 3gal containers). But lets talk about the colors and aroma. I was not expecting the color show that these girls gave me once the cooler Colorado nights set in. The leaves went from green to a burgundy/purple to fire orange/purple before nutrients were pulled and they died off to the typical yellow. The aroma they give off is skunky but with a bit of citrus tang to it. The bud size on my 4 main colas is about 2″ in diameter with the top 12-16″ completely filled in. Of the 4 strains I grew this season, this might be my favorite as far as growing and training. It’s definitely on the longer side for flower stage and depending on your climate and when your first frost is you might be risking it as far as harvest goes. If you’re growing in higher altitude, I would suggest a greenhouse. I like a more uplifting high so I’m cutting mine this week as a few outlying trichomes are just starting to get a faint hue of amber to them. If you want a more heady high then expect to harvest mid October(which is a bit of a gamble with the first frost on the front range).

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