Purple Eurkle

Purple Eurkle

(2 customer reviews)
  • 10 pack regular seeds
  • Purple Eurkle x Gupta Kush
  • 60 Indica – 40 Sativa
  • THC  23-27%
  • 8> Weeks Indoor
  • 70-80 Days Flower Outdoor Greenhouse

Selected from a phenotype of Mendocino Purps. While the essence a blend of skunk, berry and fresh grapes consumers report the effects to be deeply relaxing, sleep inducing and a great option for full body relief. This is a great nighttime strain for anyone suffering from insomnia.


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2 reviews for Purple Eurkle

  1. Big Buddy Knipper (verified owner)

    Anyone not getting their beans from Bootleg is missing out. PE reg popped 10/10. 50% m/f. Little slow on veg to be expected. 8weeks of12/12 completely made up for it! Beautiful high frost covered buds with intense terps. Outstanding AA meds!!!! Can’t wait for the next run!! This cross showed 3 phenos . 3 purps 1 indica and 1 sativa leaning. Hope to refine from IB then cross with other purps! To be continued.

  2. Love

    I enjoyed growing this strain. Very good thc levels great medical strain . Had great germination rates but for me the seeds had more males then females but still happy even if I ended up with more males then females . I ended up with 2 phenotypes from this strain one that was a green pheno with more pinkish red hairs then I had another phenotype real dark purple with green hughes with beautiful orange hairs . Highly recommend this strain again can’t express how amazing the terp profile is on this strain. The yield on this strain was pretty good average for me compared to most strains I was hoping this would have been a massive yield indoors but it was average but it made up for it with the tricomb production. Super frosty looked like you just threw powder sugar on the bud it was so frosty. Made some great resin and was some really good flower to smoke in the eve or at bed time really enjoy this strain but would have liked to got had a bigger yield off this strain. But it’s definitely worth growing.

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