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Cannabis Seeds Direct From the Farm

All our cannabis varieties have been grown with care, organic soils and are pesticide free. We use old world methods to ensure top notch genetics at Bootleg Seeds.


JANUARY 1, 2023

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New Contest Starting Soon

Each month, we have a new contest with 3 winners who get an amazing bunch of swag including seeds.

We use social media for multiple ways to enter for multiple entries per day.

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Why we do what we do.

We started Bootleg Seeds to provide more cannabis seed options to beginner and intermediate growers. This quickly morphed into a top notch, premium seed line.

Check our our full cannabis seed library

Incredible Cannabis Indica landraces, Indica dominant hybrids, and Sativa dominant hybrids available. Amazing varieties from names you know and love, created specifically for your grow requirements.

Check out our portfolio below and watch for new additions.

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How it works

Regular Photoperiod Seeds

We take our chosen females and males and enter into the flower cycle. After about 2 weeks of 12/12 light cycles the female starts to exhibit female traits and the male pollen sacks begin to develop. We allow 6 weeks of open pollination to ensure a great quality seed harvest.

Feminized Photoperiod Seeds

After we have chosen all our female phenotypes we chose one lucky lady to undergo the feminization process. When we begin to spray her with a solution that causes a hormonal change; she stops trying to produce female flowers and starts making pollen. We then introduce the other female plants and allow 6 weeks of open pollination to ensure a great quality seed harvest. The seeds are dried and separated from the flower and stored at 50 degrees fahrenheit and 25% relative humidity.
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Newest Varieties

Check out some of our awesome new cannabis varieties

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Our Cannabis Variety Selection Process

We have an extensive selection process to ensure the best possible varieties

pick pollen donors

All cannabis pollen is always a landrace variety due to the stability of the genetics.

search seed bank

Our archive cannabis seed bank is then searched for complimentary parent stock.

isolate the best genes

Cannabis phenotype selection is then started from the male and female parents. This is done to ensure the best cannabis genetics possible.

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Recent Product Reviews

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